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B17 in flight

457th BG  Base Personnel: Ground/Staff/Mission Support

A gallery of Photos of Support Personnel at Glatton airfield.

    The 457th Bomb Group consisted of approximately 2900 personnel, about 420 officers and 2475 enlisted men. The flying crews, including officers and enlisted men, made up only about 500 of this total of 2900. The remainder of the compliment of the field were those men who made it possible for the flying crews and the aircraft to fulfill their mission.

    The non-flying personnel were those who; maintained the aircraft, fueled the planes and loaded the bombs, treated the sick and wounded, prepared the meals, policed the area, repaired the radio equipment, folded the parachutes, took most of the photographs you see on this website, and many, many other services that were required in the course of a day's operation.

    To them we owe a deep debt of gratitude. This gallery of photos is dedicated to these men who did not fly.
They received no glory for what they did but those of us who flew were well aware, that without them, there would have been no bomb group.

    In these 175 photos we have attempted to show some of the support personnel......where they lived......and the places where they worked and played.

    Here is a list of the divisions of authority that are represented here in these photos:

88th Station Complement Squadron
1790th Ordnance S & M Company 
1212th Quartermaster Company   
1061st Military Police Company
2100th Engineer F/F Platoon 
860th Chemical Company   
253rd Medical Dispensary
201st Finance Company   
468th Sub-Depot
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