During the months that the 457th Bomb Group was a Glatton, many aircraft landed at the field. Some landing for emergencies and others just visiting. Aircraft of the 8th Bomber Command, the Fighter Command and the RAF frequently landed at Glatton. Here are a few of the photos taken of these visitors.

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An OD P-51 of the 363rd fighter group.
A P-51 from the 20th F.G. andd the 55th Squadron at Kingscliffe.
A P47 and some P-51's. The P-47 is from the 78th F.G. and 83rd Squadron at Duxford.
A P-47 with olive drab finish.
An OD P-51 of the 303 fighter group
A P-51 with the markings of the 457th Bomb Group
A P47 and some P-51's on the grass.
A P-47 with olive drab finish
A P-47 with aluminum finish standing in the snow.
A P-38 visiting at Glatton.
A P-38 from the 77th Fighter Group on the tarmac.
Another P-38 from the 77th Fighter Group
A P-38 resting on the grass at Glatton
A P-38 s/n 43-28483 with what was called a "droop snoot".
The same "droop snoot" P-38 used for photographic purposes.
Plastic nosed "droop snoot" P-38 from the 435th Fighter Group.
Another view of the 435th fighter group P-39.(droop snoot)
A P-38 from the 20th Fighter Group
P-38 of unknown origin.
Nose art of "Lady Babs" on the nose of an unidentified aircraft.
An RAF Mosquito visiting Glatton
An RAF Miles Master just touching down at Glatton.
A RAF Handley-Page "Hampden".
A Grumman "Avenger" at Wittering, England.
A Luftwaffe FW-190 on the field at Collyweston, RAF airfield.
The same FW-190 at RAF Collyweston airfield.
An RAF "Tiger Moth". The officer in the photo is Lt Duane L. Zemper, the base photo officer .
Another view of the RAF DH "Tiger Moth" at Wittering.
RAF DH 89 named "Wee Wullie".
A DC-3 Dakota at Glatton
A RAF Fairy Albacore (Naval) that had a very bad landing.
A C-47 on the runway.
An RAF Bristol Beaufighter JM-179 visiting Glatton.
Another view of the RAF Bristol Beaufighter...note Conington Chapel in the distance.
A visiting B-24 s/n 42-95259 of the 492nd Bomb Group....note the matte black finish.
The famous RAF Lancaster bomber visiting Glatton.
The RAF ArmstrongWhitworth Albermarle.
Another view of the RAF ArmgstrongWhitworth Albermarle.
Another view of the same on the taxi strip at Glatton.
A P-47 from the 4th Fighter Group visiting in the winter of 1944.
A P-51 s/n 42-106929 from the 359th F.G. at East Wretham named "Lola Lee".