Mission List
(Shinners's List)
We recently came to a realization that nowhere on this website do we have a delineated list of missions that the Group flew from Feb '44 to Apr '45. We have all the missions shown in the Narratives section but they are not easy to scan and provide little technical detail. Indeed, we have looked at photos like those below and wished we were able to read the details.

Well, Michael Shinners from Wisconsin came to our rescue. His father, Capt John F. Shinners, was Personnel Officer with the 457th and managed to bring home a case full of pictures and documents that Michael has seen fit to share with is. Among these documents were copies of what are referred to as "The Mission Board". All missions are accounted for from the first to the 220th. We are missing the last 16 missions. The quality of some of these pages is poor but they are all readable.
There are 11 pages here, about 20 missions to a page.


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