457th Bomb Group
"Nose Art"

These clips have been cropped from photos in our Archives and since they had to be enlarged,
the quality is not the best.

Maguire's Chop House
Home James!
Maguire's Chop House : B-17G 42-39211, 
750th Squadron
Returned to the USA - June 1945
Home James!: B-17G 42-97131, 751st Squadron
Crashed in France - April 1944

War Eagle
Slow But Sure
War Eagle: B-17G, 
No information on the Aircraft
Slow But Sure : B-17G 42-31706 , 
Transferred to SAD on 3/24/45

Duration Plus
Lady Luck
Duration Plus: B-17G 42-31726,  
Fate Unknown
Lady Luck : B-17G 42-32051 749th Squadron
Salvaged & Transferred to 56th FG, 11/02/44

G.I. Virgin
Mission Maid
G.I. Virgin II: B-17G 42-32098, 750th Squadron
Lost on 10/2/44 on Mission to Kassel.
Mission Maid: B-17G 42-38021, 748th Squadron
3/24/45 Returned to USA.

Oh Kay
Straight Shot
Oh Kay: B-17G 42-97470, 748th Squadron
Lost 9/28/44 at Magdeburg.
Straight Shot: B-17G 42-97164a,  th Squadron

'Tis Me Sugar
'Tis Me Sugar : B-17G 42-97558,  th Squadron
Geraldine: B-17G 42- 97630,  th Squadron

Paper Warrior
Paper Warrior
Paper Warrior: B-17G 42-97649,  th Squadron
Paper Warrior: B-17G 42-97649,  th Squadron

Evenin Folks How Ya'll
Que Up
Evenin Folks How Y'all.: B-17G 42-97652,  th Squadron
Que Up: B-17G 42-98024 ,  th Squadron

Willie III
Butch: B-17G 43-37574 ,  th Squadron
Willie III: B-17G 43-37567,  th Squadron

Patty Ann
Wild Hare
Patty Ann: B-17G 43-37694,  th Squadron
Wild Hare: B-17G 43-37826,  th Squadron

Big Gass Bird
Mysterious Witch
Big Gass Bird : B-17G 43-38394,  th Squadron
Mysterious Witch: B-17G 43-38540,  th Squadron

That's My Baby
Kraut Krusher
That's My Baby: B-17G 43-38528,  th Squadron
Kraut Krusher: B-17G 43-38909,  th Squadron

Kraut Krusher
Girl With Towel
Kraut Krusher : B-17G 43-38909 ,  th Squadron
Girl With Towel: B-17G 43-39080,  th Squadron

Crack Up
Jaynee: B-17G 44-6603,  th Squadron
Crack UP: B-17G 44-8785,  th Squadron

Ladies Delight
Susie Sag Sump
: B-17G 44-6904 Ladies Delight,  th Squadron
Susie Sag Sump: B-17G 44-8479 Susie Sag Sump,  th Squadron

Battle Baby
Ace of Hearts
Battle Baby: B-17G 44-8832,  th Squadron
Ace of Hearts: B-17G 43-37733,  th Squadron

Georgia Peach
Lady Margaret
Georgia Peach: B-17G 43-97067,  th Squadron
Lady Margaret: B-17G 43-37782,  th Squadron

Lil' Satan
Miss Cue
Lil' Satan: B-17G 42-32084,  th Squadron
Miss Cue: B-17G 42-31505,  th Squadron

Bad time Inc
My Mary Myrtle
Bad Time Inc: B-17G 42-31545, 749th Squadron
This aircraft crashed in England on
June 14th 1944 while on a training mission.
My Mary Myrtle: B-17G 42-97827,  th Squadron

Perpetual Help
Perpetual Hell
Perpetual Help: B-17G 43-38887,  th Squadron
Perpetual Hell: B-17G 43-38887,  th Squadron

Pistol Packin Mama
Rattlesnake Daddy
Pistol Packin Mama: B-17G ,  th Squadron
Rattlesnake Daddy: B-17G 43-39200,  th Squadron

Remember Me?
Shoo Shoo Baby
Remember Me?: B-17G 43-37828,  th Squadron
Shoo Shoo Baby: B-17G - ,  th Squadron

Murderous Witch
Stinky: B-17G 43-37795 ,  th Squadron
Murderous Witch: B-17G 43-38540,  th Squadron

Some Other Time
Some Other Time: ,  th Squadron
Gini: B-17G 43-37518,  751st Squadron
Lost at Magdeberg on 9/28/44

Oh Kay
Oh Kay : B-17G 42-97470, 748th Squadron
Lost at Magdeberg on 9/28/44
TARFU: B-17G 43-37785,  748th Squadron
Ret to USA 6/8/45

You Never Know
Peop Wash
You Never Know : B-17G 42-32086, 749th Squadron
Crashed in France 8/10/44
Prop Wash: B-17G 42-31923, 750th Squadron
Lost at Merseberg 11/2/44

BTO: B-17G 43-37606,  750th Squadron
Lost at Merseberg on 10/17/44
Pakawalup: B-17G 42-31630, 751st Squadron. Lost
after hitting an obstruction in England on 2/19/45

Miss Yu IV
Miss Yu IV: B-17G 42-97063, 750th Squadron
Ditched in channel. 3/16/44
Queen Bea :B-17G 42-38056,
Crashed and burned at Glatton while landing. , 751st Squadron

Our Baby
42-107034:B-17G Rampant Pansy,
,  749th Squadron
: B-17G; 42-31618 Our Baby,  th Squadron
Ditched at sea.

42-32079 Jayhawk
Good Pickin crew
B-17G Jayhawk
,  749th Squadron
Shot down over Netherlands.
B-17G crashed into mountainside
in Switzerland, 

Miss Ida
B-17G El-Lobo
,  749th Squadron
Miss Ida 
Patty Ann
Little Rene
B-17G 43-37694 Patty Ann
,  749th Squadron
B-17G 43-35441 Little Rene
Col Luper's private plane. 
Lady Katherine
B-17G Lady Katherine
,  749th Squadron
B-17G Snicklefritz, 
Queen Bea
Chicken Ship
B-17G Queen Bea
,  750th Squadron
B-17G Chicken Ship, 
Hell's Belle
B-17G 44-6111 Hell's Belle
,  749th Squadron
B-17G 43-38885 Ruthanne, 
Rene III
Hamtramack Mama
,  749th Squadron
B-17G 42-107026 Hamtramack Mama, 
Wolf Pack
Oh Kay!
43-38534 Wolf Pack B-17G
,  750th Squadron
42-97470 Oh Kay! B-17G,
748th Squadron 
Lady B Good
43-38479 Thy Will Be Done
748th Squadron, 
  43-38594  Lady B Good
There were two "Lady *B*, and *Be* Good" aircraft in the 457th in different sqauadrons. Both survived the war.
43-38580 Flory B-17G
,  749th Squadron
,  th .
,  749th Squadron
,  th .
,  749th Squadron
,  th .