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Links to other Bomber and WWII web sites

A list of recommended websites that should be of interest to all who visit this page.

Links to Most of the B-17 Bomb Groups of the 8th Air Force. - B-17 Group Links

1. A new website about B-17's -  B-17 Flying Legend
This site offers a newly released DVD about the "still flying" B-17's (13) and pictures and interviews with flyers from WW II. Some photos of 457th aircraft appear in this production. I have a copy of this DVD and highly recommend it.
2. Reese's 457th Bomb Group Page -  www.reese-457th.com
Stories and photos detailing the experiences of one man and his crew while flying with the 751st Squadron in 1944/1945.
3. John Briol's Web Page - www.cloudnet.com/~jfb
Excerpts from the diary of John Briol who served as a ball turret gunner in the 457th. This complete diary is published in the book "Dead Engine Kids", also the name of their plane. The site is dedicated to John by his son John F. Briol
4. WWII Aviation Links Page - www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/1393/ww2avi.html
A major list of links to other B-17 and B-24 websites and other WWII aviation sites.
5. East Anglia: The Air War - www.stable.demon.co.uk
This site chronicles the activities of the US Air Forces and the RAF from 1939 to 1945. In the words of Kim Chetwyn, the author of this site, "The primary purpose of this site is to show East Anglia as it once was to those who spent some of the most intense moments of their lives here, but who now find it hard to make the pilgrimage to their old haunts. To those who made, and lost, so many friends."
6. WEB-BIRDS.COM - www.web-birds.com
Probably the largest collection of aircraft photos on the internet. Fighters, bombers and other aircraft as displayed by a man who loves airplanes. The site is hosted by Jim Sterling in Alaska.
7. HEAVYBOMBERS.COM - www.heavybombers.com
This is a research resource that lists over 100 separate Heavy Bombardment Groups and their point of contact. If you are looking for information on other groups then this is where you need to look. Lots of links to other groups and individuals and a message board.
8. Valor at Polebrook - www.Polebrook.com
This is a website about an event that occurred at our sister field at Polebrook. The site reviews the book "Valor at Polebrook - the Last Flight of Ten Horsepower". Two members of this crew received the Congressional Medal of Honor and the crew was "the most decorated in the 8th Air Force". Half of the crew died in combat.
9. THE WILD HARE - www.bellatlantic.net
A tribute to Floyd "Hink" Henderson and his crew, hosted by his nephew. There are photos and stories about their adventures in a plane called "The Wild Hare". They flew with the 748th Squadron of the 457th Bomb Group.
10. Wings & Prayers- www.nauticom.net
This site is principally a listing of hundreds of links to other bomb groups, fighter groups, and numerous other resources dealing with the air war in Europe and the Pacific during World War Two. There is not much information that you won't find here.
11. Flying Legends www.flyinglegend.com
This site is principally a tribute to the remaining 13 B-17's still flying out of the 12,731 built during WWII. A DVD video will be available before the end of 2003 documenting the history of our favorite aircraft.
12. Fields of Valor www.fieldsofvalour.co.uk
This site of photos of Glatton and other nearby airfields was taken by a Peterborough photographer and illustrates what the airfields look like today.
12. - www.
11. - www.