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The Group Message Board

If you desire to leave a message of support or just register that you visited our web page please use our "Guestbook"
Proceed to the "Message Board" click here. We hope you will find answers to all your questions here.
The next page will take you to a message board. The board was developed primarily for use by all who might have questions about the 457th or it's flyers.
Anyone can place a question here and hopefully will receive an answer. Answers may come from anyone who thinks he may have the desired information.

The purpose of the board is to put people in touch with people. If you are after information about the 457th, its flyers, its missions, and even a long lost friend, this is the place.
It's simple:
  • To enter a message (or question), click on "Post a Message" at the very top of the page.
  • If you wish to read someone else's input, simply click on the highlighted message title.
  • To respond to someone else's message, just fill in the information at the bottom of the page where the original message appears.
  • You may also "search" the message titles by hitting control - F to bring up a search window.
That's it!