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The following images have been sent to your webmaster over the past few months by "Fireballers" or their next of kin. These should eventually be placed in their respective folders but untill I can get to it, they will be displayed here and on the following pages. (Hit a buton at top of page to proceed)

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The following photos were submitted to me by Teri Lynn whose father, Lt Col Richard Herbert, was the Communications Officer for the 457th Bomb Group

A famous view of Mt Rushmore in 1943.
This is a view of the Radar Outfit from Rampant Pansy, s/n 43-107034
A view of the 748th dispersal area. No mud here!
The Headquarteers Building for Station 130 (Glatton Airfield)
The radio equipment shack at Glatton.
A view of Rampant Pansy s/n 42-107034
Full installation of radar equipment on the starboard side of the radio room in Rampant Pansy.
An exceptionally good aerial view of the living quarters at Glatton Airbase 130.
Capt Ensminger and Capt Taylor taking it easy (not the aerial strike photos on the wall behind).
Captain Richard M. Herbert - Communications Officer.
RAF Captain Swayne and Col Luper. Col Luper led the 94th Wing on this date [3/27/44] to bomb an aircraft plant in Tours, France
A radar service equipment on the field at Glatton on Sept 12th, 1944.
Flack bursts as seen from the starboard waist gun position. [ this picture is shown elseware on this site but this copy seems to be displayed in greater detail ]
The Personnel of the 457th Communications Group.
I have no idea what this electronic device is. Can anyone enlighten me, please..
Another photo that appears elsewhere on this site but is shown here for its clearness of detail.
The Communications Officers opening a gift basket at Wendover Field (Must have been Christmas).
A gathering of Officers at Rapid City. Can onyone identify any of these men?
Richard M. Herbert at his desk in Rapid City before going overseas in 1943.
The 457th Staff at Rapid City before embarking to England in Dec, 1943.
A photo of the front end of "Willie III" on the field at Glatton.