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457th Bomb Group 457th Bomber Crews
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457th Bomb Group
457th Bomb Group   457th Bomb Group
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This is the crew of 42-31595, "Flying Jenny". On mission #8 on Mar 6th, 1944 another plane in the formation was rammed by a German fighter. The debris from the collision fell on Lt Whelan's plane and caused it to crash. All members of the crew were killed. The crew is: Standing, Sgt John F. Tierney, waist gunner, Sgt John C. McVey,gunner, Sgt Jerome J. Hartings, radio operator, Sgt Robert J. Vaughn, Engineer, Sgt Virgil L. French, waist gunner, Sgt Alphus D. Maddox, gunner.
Kneeling: Lt Robert J. Kunci, Bombardier, Lt Eugene H. Whelan, Pilot, Lt George S. McPeake, Jr. Navigator, Lt James R. Cawley, copilot.
Crew of Lt Donald Snow flying Aircraft 44-8157. Standing L to R - Sgt Richard C. Grace, Sgt Evert B. Heins, Sgt Joseph E. Adams, Sgt Robert L. Todd, Unknown, Lt Donal L. Snow.
Kneeling - Lt Andrew G. Anderson, Lt James P Guyot, Lt Mather Merritt, Lt Harry Vaal.
This is the crew of Lt Roy E. Graves. (Graves kneeling in center) Their aircraft was hit by debris from another 457th plane that had collided with a German fighter. The falling debris from that aircraft hit Graves aircraft disabling it. All the crew except the tail gunner were killed.
The crew of Lt Milton M. Jaraslow taken on June 2nd, 1944. The crew is celebrating the completion of their 25 mission (and their tour). They are being congratulated by a Lt Regan.
Some members of the Lt Arthur Tieman crew. L to R. Sgt Edward Wheaton, Sgt Harold Aaser, Sgt Robert Powell, Sgt Robert Coffee, Sgt Ralph Thole, Sgt James Meadows.
Some members of the Lt James R. Chinn crew. Kneeling L to R. - Lt Robert F. Cooper CP, James Chinn P, Lt Frank McNichol N, John C. Vollmuth B.
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